THANK YOU to our wonderful customers! We love joining you in Sharing God's Word with the people in your world through Scripture Flips!
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    We are thrilled you're interested in selling Scripture Flips in your store!

    We sell wholesale two different ways.

    We've partnered with as a vendor on their wonderful wholesale site. 

    FAIRE: Faire offers awesome perks for you! For new buyers on Faire: --> From now until Dec. 31, enjoy $200 off your first order with us! Also free shipping your entire first year with all vendors, free returns, and net 60 terms. Lots of great variety. To purchase Scripture Flips, click on the "Shop Wholesale" link below and check them out.

    If you ARE already a buyer on Faire, please click on the "Shop Wholesale" link below to place your order with us. This will be the same process that you've already experienced with Faire, but it will help us a lot if you go through the link rather than going to directly.

    DIRECT: If you'd rather work with us directly or just have some questions, please call or text us at 979-248-5229 so we can get you the information you need.

    Our minimum opening purchase is $150 and we usually ship within a week. Possible longer processing time for larger orders. If you're in a time crunch, let us know.

    We also offer an excellent countertop spinning Flip display for a discounted price. Several bundle options are also available through Faire and directly -- Flips and Bundles are our customers' favs!

    Excited to hear from you!

    ~Kendra Conkle
    Owner/Designer of Scripture Flips


    To view/order our products through Faire, click the "Shop Wholesale" button below: