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    By purchasing Scripture Flips products, you are giving back in these ways:

    Supporting survivors of human trafficking and helping them build a new life centered on Christ. Refuge for Women Texas Gulf Coast, rfwtxgulfcoast.org

    Introducing people to true life in Christ and providing them with what they need to create lasting life-change. True to Life Ministries, ttlm.org

    Training, teaching and supporting church leaders in Bulgaria. T & F International, tandfinternational.org

    Sharing God's Word with people in your life. Scripture Flips, scriptureflips.com


    Another way you can give back is with SPONSORSHIPS:

    Scripture Flips provides the opportunity for you to sponsor items for ministries and organizations. For example, if you would like to sponsor 100 Hope Flips to go to an organization that ministers to widows, you will qualify for the quantity discount of 30% off and the merchandise will be sent directly to the receiving organization.

    You are welcome to include a note with your gift or you may remain anonymous. We are looking into charitable giving receipts. They are currently not available.

    Organizations that use Flips in their ministry and need sponsorships are:

    Refuge for Women Texas Gulf Coast, rfwtxgulfcoast.org - A national faith-based organization providing a residential healing and recovery program for survivors of trafficking and sexual exploitation to receive safe housing, counseling, life, and work skills development.

    T & F International, tandfinternational.org, A nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching and facilitating groups who work in the mission of Christ.

    Please contact us if you would like to sponsor Scripture Flips for any of these organizations or others.