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    Jotter Bundle Collection

    Jotter Bundle Collection

    The Jotter Bundle is the compact version of the Journal Bundle. Still highly functional, it's the perfect little gift package for women on the go.

    Product description:
    This product includes 3 items - a Scripture Flip, a matching Jotter, and a stylus pen.

    Flip: 3" x 2.75" with a chipboard cover, 22 heavyweight pages and beautiful graphics. Three charms: a tassel, beads, and a cross - each combination is unique. Includes a mesh gift bag. 

    Jotter: 4" x 6" heavyweight chipboard cover, 30 heavyweight pages. Spiral bound. Durable. Pages inside are blank and can be used as a sketch pad or notebook. 

    Pen: Soft-touch, laser-engraved stylus pen with sleeve.